I combine self-publishing and self-marketing  because they are in fact joined at the hip with a goal to reach the widest market – while controlling the development and use of the manuscript.  It is also a needed combination as compared to licensing your manuscript to a commercial “trade” book publisher.  Unfortunately too many wrong assumptions are made about the benefits of self-publishing – and these assumptions often have led to wrong and costly decisions because of a lack of publicity and marketing.  Also the cost to self-publish and self-market is overly stated.Big mistake.

My role as a Consultant for authors who aspire to self-publish: (a) helping through the proper evaluation process (b) managing the creative development process to create their book (c) create an affordable strategy and an execution plan to publicize, market and sell their book to on a profit-making basis and finally, (d) achieve all of a, b, and c within a budget approved before anything actually begins.

I do all of the above on a quoted fee basis either in stages (the a, b, c mentioned above) or for the full term of the process described that usually takes about four to six months. 

A Brief Message to “Zoomers and those not quite fully-retired”

The services described in the self-publishing/marketing section are very applicable should you be considering writing a book that you believe will have a sufficient level of appeal in the niche market-place.  There are many ways to reach that niche market and I try to help in that regard along with all of the steps needed to get your book created.

Entrepreneur types  in Business, Consulting, Professions, who have a need/purpose to self-publish and then sell/market their book through channels of distribution outside of the traditional retail marketplace.

My role in this situation is similar to what is described for authors – except I also help them determine the need for a ghost-writer and editor.

Commercial Businesses, Associations, Government and Private Sector entities who are looking to source advice, information, and management services from a credible and highly experienced individual needed to help them achieve their goals through the use of original or licensed written intellectual property.

The services I provide are developed for use through a series of discussions held since often there is not a clear vision by the potential client in regard to their goals.  Once the goal(s) have been identified my role then shifts into the same sort of description shown for Entrepreneurs..  Retainer duration and fee is determined on a quote basis.

Navigating and Choosing Your Publishing Options Successfully

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