Self-Publishing and Strategy

The use of a book to aid in building the brand of a professional, in almost any career, draws on using the level of experience you have. You also have to to be able to provide credible information and help. Otherwise the lack of these credentials will be a serious weakness in people wanting to read the book. The book can be a low-cost method to attract more clients. I have seen professionals do this successfully in the medical fields, personal finance, investment, advertising, marketing, sales, consulting, the arts, sports, speakers and so on.

The same pattern exists for entrepreneurs who see the book as a low cost method to reach out and build revenue with new clients. Many of the entrepreneurs come from real estate, retail, financial consultants, insurance, mutual fund sales, and so on. Pretty well everyone views the book as an effective replacement for the traditional business card.

The main barrier to using the book as a marketing tool is -- time to plan and create; the ability to write well enough; lack of knowledge about the process to publish a quality-looking book; and the assumption the cost is not affordable.

My role is to show there are practical solutions and to offer my professional services in executing the solutions for the client. I give each client hands-on personal attention. This is important, I think, because each book is a separate and unique to the client, There is no such thing as a "cookie-cutter" approach to publishing and markeing. In addition, each client has their own agenda and that has to be recognized in terms of planning and flexibility to still get the project successfully completed. I do all of that.

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Navigating and Choosing Your Publishing Options Successfully


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