Arnold's Approach to Business

Most of my business  career success has involved working with people who either write, sing, design, produce. All creative activities. As a result I have developed a strong view these people deserve the opportunity to have their creativity revealed, if they want. Realistically not all get that opportunity or often get it under conditions that go against achieving the satisfaction they covet. However, that is the real world, sometimes.

When it comes specifically to the manuscript of a book and the marketing of it, my preference is to help the author in areas where I can be emotionally connected aside from offering my professional experience and knowledge. Doesn’t always work.  Money can get in the way when coupled with the professional evaluation for the commercial appeal of the manuscript.  I wind up having to make choices/decisions and sometimes they are not in favor of connecting with the author as their Literary Agent or Consultant. If I can’t feel the emotional connection and/or the favorable evaluation ---  and conclude there will not be enough for either of us financially. It is better at this stage to be honest even when it means being frank - and ending the relationship.

This approach is not applicable when I am doing any sort of consulting project where my credentials have a solid value in helping the prospective client.  I still need  “chemistry” in the relationship since who I relate to in life is important for happiness reasons. The money part can be worked out with the client. 


Navigating and Choosing Your Publishing Options Successfully


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