Consultant and Fees

What is the first step a good consultant should portray?

  • Listen. A natural instinct in genuinely wanting to help.   You have a need, or vision, some ideas, whatever, for a book.  I listen to learn.  
  • Answer questions – I will answer honestly and frankly…even telling you when I don’t know.  
  • I ask questions - what will be the platforms such as a print edition, an ebook, a singles, an audio – for promotion, for resale – both?  Who writes?  Credentials?...and so on for about 15 to 30 minutes, preferably on phone or if not, then by email exchange.  You will find this a satisfactory experience as compared to being told to fill in forms and check boxes as a first step used by others.

Marketing Evaluation
First time non-fiction authors especially, within all categories, need an objective view of their book idea, potential to make money, if that is your purpose, before embarking on the journey to create a full manuscript. Better to know before you've already made the sacrifice but don’t have a professional experienced view of the marketability and/or sales potential for the manuscript. Often the assumption is made that a well-written manuscript is all you need to guarantee success. The authors credentials and the size of the core market are critical issues towards securing a book publishing deal or even doing self-publishing. On a flat fee basis I provide a Report assessing the strengths and weaknesses for the book project to move forward. There is no expectation of an ongoing relationship.

Other Services
With the advent of new marketing opportunities (such as eBooks, audio books) or publicity/promotion (such as Face Book, Custom Websites) I can often contribute my knowledge and experience in providing guidance on a fee basis. The same applies to developing special sales strategies for people or organizations.


Let’s talk so I can learn enough to give you a sensible and realistic quote.   I will pay for the call.  We can use “skype” if you have it.  Just send me an email, if when you call I am not in, and I will get back to you in less time than you can imagine!


Navigating and Choosing Your Publishing Options Successfully


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