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Unlike most agents I don’t intend telling you what I CAN’T DO to help with whatever goal(s) you have to be published. Not my style. I intend to advise you on what I DO. So…here goes…..

I DO look at representing authors (published or unpublished) of NON-FICTION manuscripts. It can be on any subject appropriate publishers will want to pay money to acquire. Generally speaking they can be for publishers in non-fiction categories like Sports (Hockey), Wealth Management, Leadership, Personal Finance, History, Health, Performing Artists, Television, Medicine, Environment, Memoirs, Biography, Military History, Self-Help, Inspirational.

I also will look at representation for YOUNG ADULT FICTION authors for the age groups 9 to 18. I DO NOT represent for any other form of fiction.

I DO expect you will tell me if you have made submissions to other Agents and the status of their response.I DO stay away from competing with other Agents.

I DO look initially at a well-done Outline or Synopsis. I DO need the author to tell me why they believe enough people will want to read their book. Show the credentials (c.v or resume) or believability to write about the subject.

It is fine to send a Proposal should you have already created one. I DO prefer to receive information via an email attachment(s). Include your telephone number with the email. Tell me you’ve had your manuscript professionally edited, if not it will have to be done at some point.

I DO strive to reply within three days. I sometimes will call instead of using email.

I DO come clean now and tell you I work best with authors who want to see their manuscript published to make as much money as possible. I respect authors whose goal is to be published but I respect those more whose aspirations are the same as mine – make profit – make money. This is important since authors have the ultimate authority to approve Offers I search out for them and then negotiate the business terms as part of my role as their Literary Agent. I DOalways work directly with the author not just to get them an acceptable book publishing deal but after as well.

I DO provide the author a successful template to help them prepare a professional Proposal. I DO this once I become their Literary Agent. I also provide them with guidance in preparing the Proposal until it is completed. The agreement we would have should I offer to become your Literary Agent is simple and very transparent.

I DO need to say that representing you means for all forms of BOOKS - print and electronic.

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